Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life's To Short to Stuff a Mushroom

Here I am at the computer, ready for a little rant- a rantlet.
It's about the sexyfying of firstly, Avril Lavine, and secondly, and most unbelievably, K T Tunstall.
Who took their heads off and filled them with silliness, and why and when did this happen?
Who snatched their bodies in the middle of the night and piped icing sugar all over them, turning them from feisty tomboys into Barbies?
Which men, or menwomen, shut them into rooms and blasted them with overpowering stereotype-bombs until they submitted and gave up all their power to the Record Industry and it's vile pigeonholes?
Who turned them into pigeons?
How could they!

That was quite a big rantlet, wasn't it.
And all from a woman who has just stuffed mushrooms for lunch, in spite of what Shirley Conran told us in the 1980s!


Anonymous Mark said...

Hear, hear. The KT Tunstall "rock chick" publicity poster for Drastic Fantastic has her looking as miserable as I felt when I first saw it.

8:52 PM  

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