Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, the songwriters at the University of the East did themselves proud yesterday- they are writing songs about London and there's a budding Frank Sinatra in the pack, albeit one with his tongue in his cheek. And some very interesting trip hop and a mini-rock-band. Made my day- seven hours of lecturing that anyone could have collapsed under but not after laughing like a drain at those jellied-eel lyrics!
Then I went off to the gig at the Scolt Head in Islington; it was very low-key but that was perfect. It's a great room, with really good acoustics, and I think the psomoter Simon will do very well once he gets it off the ground. It reminded me of the venues in the US that I played at. All it needs is an identity!
Tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow to support the Daintees, which I am really looking forward to as they are a grand band.

Incidentally, yesterday about a mile of the North Circular disappeared, and today there was an extra bit. What the heck's going on?


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