Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yes, been away in Scotland. I rose early on Saturday (4.30, with the larks) for a seven-hour journey to Glasgae (being a skinflint, doing it this way cost a mere 28 quid!) to support the Daintees at the ABC2. They were a four-piece, and much rockier especially since they had an absolutely ace drummer with them for the evening who was particularly good at Boat to Bolivia. They are lucky with their drummers because Kate is fab too. It's very interesting for a meganerd musician like me to see the same songs performed by different line-ups. This time there was more room for guitar solos, vocals and so on; what was missing in terms of a party feel was more than made up for in tightness and rockiness.

Then on Sunday I took the train to Edinburgh to see McMum and McDad; the piper stood at the end of Princes Street with his testosterone whine. I love being in Scotland; lots of Londoners are sour and pushy (not all, of course). But Scottish people have a mad illogical logic and a nutty air as though they have just been placed on Earth from a planet in a faraway galaxy, and told to find their way home with only a tattered map of the Congo from the 1930s.

I had a busy couple of days and now could sleep on a chicken's lip.


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