Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Christmas Songs

I was so tired yesterday I almost cancelled the studio but I'm bloody glad I didn't.
I asked Tom to call Spencer Brown, who played double bass on Hill of Fools on the Suburban Pastoral album, and ask him to come over and play on the Rockabilly Christmastime track. While he was getting out of bed (I start at eleven and rock'n'roll breakfast time's about twelve), I mixed the Christmas Drinking Song (or the Christmas drunkard song, actually) with a Beth Gibbons-type vocal sound, and sang backing vox on the Christmas Queen song (cheesey!!!) and re-sang the Devil's Christmas Stocking. Spencer arrived, started up his bass and did a fantastic job even if he held back a little when I said 'Make it sound like a turkey!'. He's an ace player, he really is, and the song was finished off nicely.
Oh, Christmas Choir, where are you? The last morning of October, Wednesday 31st, anyone who emails me is welcome to come and sing. I had volunteers a month ago but perhaps they all got cold feet!! The studio is near ALexandra Palace station; you don't have to be able to sing and I will buy you a lollipop.
Of course, I have a plan B in case the Choir doesn't come into existence. It's always good to have a plan B.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm. recording a choir eh? have a word with MS about this - he's an expert at getting choirs recorded ... he he he


8:56 AM  

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