Thursday, October 11, 2007

I rushed and I rushed

They ought to rename the North Circular Road the North Circular Accident.
Everyone changes their minds- I saw a lady with a car full of children do a u-turn into oncoming traffic to get back to a roundabout; people zigzag back into traffic from exit lanes. Big lorries bully little lorries who bully cars who bully motorcycles.
Yet still I love it- those pylons traced out against the pale grey sky, like filigree lace carrying black cables into the distance; the gas storage tanks shrinking down from their skeletons, the spiny cranes and the big gloomy concrete buildings. Poetry from the car window with a soundtrack of Emma Bunton and Erykah Badu!
I was rushing to the studio- it took me two hours from Docklands to Wood Green, there were so many accidents. That gave me two hours to record the backing tracks for the Christmas songs before the next client, the rapper, came in to rap. The adrenaline focused everything and I got them done- I hope I still have a chance to put the choir on- please volunteer and I'll organise you!
Tom has a fantastic new vocal microphone and I almost sounded like Beth Gibbons on one of the songs, Doris Day on another. Perhaps it's full of the ghosts of singers past and it's not me singing at all really. Bit like the radio full of miniscule people I was telling you about a while ago. Poor sad McMum, with her stories about radio waves and receivers. Everybody knows there are millions of tiny people inside every radio, shouting at the tops of their voices!


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