Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm an eBay failure

Yes, I'm an eBay failure, but I've decided to celebrate the fact!
Yesterday I failed to sell my old Portastudio (perfect nick in it's box) and my old Casio CZ101 Syth with a broken key that still plays really well.
This must mean that I have a soundtrack commission in the pipeline somewhere!
I used the synth for all sorts of soundtracks in the 1980s and the portastudio to do one with the dawn chorus mutating into police sirens for a really good film-maker called Rachel Davies. So they have worked hards, mes equipements, and should be treated with respect.

In the middle of the night last night I had an idea for a song which I sang on to my phone. I haven't listened to it yet. Buried treasure or a pile of poo? How exciting, waiting to find out! I'll do that as soon as I've finished blogging.

This week... in the studio, Tom's back from New York, hooray! I'll be starting to record the Christmas songs. I don't know if I'll be able to sort out the choir part, I do hope so, but McMum has broken her leg and I am going to spend a bit of time in Scotland after playing with the Daintees on Saturday in Glasgow. This Thursday I'm playing at the Scolt Head in Culford Road in Stoke Newington. It's free and I'm on at 10 p.m. Come and cheer me on- I will have been teaching for seven hours beforehand and will need gallons of imaginary energy drinks and grammes of imaginary whizz in order to play.
I used to be a Girl Guide.
I am sure I will manage, because I know how to tie a reef knot and that will see me through.


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Hi Helen, Any chance you can put up some of your CDs and Vinyl on ebay?? (Chefs, Helen and The Horns, etc)



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