Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Perfect early morning; Bird and a Bee CD turned up and I could breakfast to exciting harmonies after a lazy start. Later I'll scan my Salon des Chansons flyer so you can see it- I'm going to start that up in April, honest I am, I have a Plan; and songwritery friends can come round and eat chocolate cake and write songs and when they are stuck they will start up again. I have a Plan about what to do, and where to play. Oh, I have so many plans to pepper the world with sparkly songs: I just need a barmy millionaire to fund 'em all. I keep trying to win the lottery, because I also want to get a mad house at Alnmouth in Northumberland overlooking the sea and fill it with pianos, strange old keyboards, guitars, a porch, yes, chocolate cake, guest rooms.. a jukebox with permanently changing vinyl singles. In Wylam I used to buy stacks of scratched vinyl singles for sixpence and listen to the lot. I've just bought a load of French singles in the Oxfam shop and the vinyl album of 'Hair'. Couldn't resist them. So no sandwich for lunch, just a Snickers, which of course will do.
And I have loads of gigs coming up. And the recording went well, but I think it needs a bass line and I made one up when I was lazing in bed this morning looking for motes of dust(there weren't any because it wasn't sunny, but there will be some another day). Great argument against dusting. Imagine inventing a word for specks of dust in the sunshine!
Track six is the best one.


Blogger Slits Fan said...

Bird and the Bee were in Atlanta last night. Their shipment of CDs didn't show up or else they would have given me one.

1:12 AM  

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