Thursday, February 08, 2007

Police Raid Songbird

The police raided Songbird last night; we'd seen Ambrosia Rasputin, a sort of more verbally aggressive Ivor Cutler who did a lot of spitting into his beard as he barked out his nonsense poems, but he was actually very funny and had a spontanaiety about him that kept everyone's attention. We'd seen Lindsey Woolsey, Elle Osborne on vocals and friend on laptop- excellent songs- and we were just deciding to go home (Mike and Emerald came along), when a rozzer walked in.
I think everybody there thought he was a fancy-dress policeman- it wouldn't be surprising- but he strode over to Diana and said 'We agreed there would be sixty people here and there should be no loud music and there are more than sixty people here and the music is loud so I must ask you all to go home!'. At that point, more police arrived and this woman policeman started taking pictures of everybody (diabolical liberty!)
The picture won't upload! Have the police done magic awful things to render them unuploadable?


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