Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dan at the Betsey Trotwood

I went to see Dan play at the Betsey Trotwood. He's moving to Wolverhampton, destination town, and won't be doing the Song Club any more, which is a pity because the children love him. It was his last London gig before he moves.
Do you know, he really shows up that silly James Blunt with his voice like wet tissue paper. Dan has got a proper Voice that could blast the cork out of a a champagne bottle, with real emotions in it, and not pretend ones. He is also a really good songwriter and I spent the duration of the set doing a nerdy songwritery thing, sitting with my eyes closed trying to work out the chords of the songs. I was also trying to work out why he's not famous yet, and I think it might be that his style is too mature for what disgusting business people call 'the market'. I think people will grow into him.
On the way home on the tube, I saw that hypocritical 'Harrods Rocks' ad. When it sniffs a marketing opportunity it does, yes; but how can a massive department store, with a room full of effigies of Mohammed Al Fayed wearing a pharoah's head-dress, rock? Nadya told me they threw her out once for having holes in her tights. It couldn't rock if you threw a mountain at it!
Anyway, busy day today, recording this morning and at work with the fastest rapper in the Universe, JC001, and a bunch of aspiring songwriters this afternoon. It's all go, in the busy world of McCookerybook.
(I have shouldered a couple of professional disasters in January: fingers crossed that February is more generous with her luck)


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