Saturday, February 03, 2007

Little Review

I had an email this morning on Myspace from Michael Gold Lion and he's done a little review of Heaven Avenue on his site,
Thank you. thank you, Michael Gold Lion. I will even find the envelope with html on it so I can make the link work properly, and do that programming tomorrow when I get back from Sara's party in Brighton.
I'm also going to scan some Chefs photos for the article in Nude magazine: I keep remembering more things and I'll have to edit down the verbal garbage a bit to get it all in! And the first Chefs manager, Stu, has been in touch because they are making a music site in Brighton and he wants some old Chefs trakcs to put on it; I will have to get in touch with Carl about that too.
It's all exciting! It makes me remember who I was before life happened and took it's toll. I have even changed my hair and when I went to work yesterday my boss did not recognise me. Whizz whizz energy!


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