Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All dressed up fancy

I'm all dressed up fancy because I'm going for breakfast (breakfast- it's the new black! Or is black the new breakfast?) with my Champagne Friend. She's a very good friend who sat in casualty with me all night once when I was ill, and almost the next day she won a miner's lamp in a Labour Party raffle, closest you could get to a Florence Nightingale lamp, I thought. We used to dress up and go off to drink champagne in posh bars, and we always met somebody mad. Once, some Finnish students interviewed us for a documentary on recycling.
She is living proof that blondes have more fun!
I wrote a song about her, which was the first song I wrote for a friend. I don't play it often, but I recorded it for her and gave her a copy.
Speaking of which I'm recording Sara's song tomorrow morning. I had an idea, too, about all the songs I have written which are less than a minute long. I want to record a vinyl EP with four or five one-minute tracks, called Helen McCookerybook's Saturday Night Assortment. So now I have to find the money, and there's a stack of stuff on the floor upstairs to put on eBay on Friday!


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