Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Suburban life and a busy day

'GET INTO THE EFFING CAR YOU STUPID BUNCH OF THICK IDIOTS', screamed the man over the road to his children on the school run.
Today... sociable day! I went for coffee with Dan, there was something I meant to tell him but didn't, then I bought a ball of wool, then for coffee with Ian from Nude magazine so he could scan the Chefs photos to go with the little thing I wrote for the mag, then tonight out for dinner with Mike and Emerald, then to Songbird to see Elle play. She is brilliant, and she'll play on Memento Mori, which is very good news. I think I've drunk about 6 cups of coffee so far today and I'm typing very fast. I have started knitting a big cardigan with a logo on the back that has a greenish guitar, with an eye and an f-hole. I'm knitting it freehand, so it will look a bit strange but I don't care.
Once, when Helen and the Horns were in Amsterdam, I was knitting a jumper with a skull-and-crossbones on it. 'Whatever you do, don't let me knit when we get back and I'm drunk' I told the others. They didn't stop me, and in the semi-dark of our room we sat up talking half the night as the alchohol faded out of our systems, with my knitting needles clicking away furiously. I tried to go to bed, but they were talking such funny talk I laughed myself awake and threw up in the sink. The next day, my knitting was a complete mess, holes, tangles, mistakes, lumps, a complete porridge of black and white wool. I had to unravel it all and start again.


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