Thursday, January 18, 2007

News Books

I think blogs are like adult versions of those News Books we did in Primary School- 'I plaed wit my frends' every day till the teacher told you you had to write something different.
I hope it's friends I play with tonight- the Folk Cellar at the Constitution pub in St Pancras Way, Camden. It's a Folk Club and I was going to go acoustic and take the Hofner, but it's been killing my fingers and I'll have to take the Green Giant. I hope they're not prejudiced.....
Things, things, things... I never got a penny of mechanical royalties for 24 Hours, the track the Chefs did. And there it is, up on iTunes. I know the single sold thousands of copies, but nobody did the decent thing and paid me .But then the Business isn't decent, is it?
People are, though... I've been offered a place on a guitar playing course in Scotland that sounds great. And I'm trying to tempt Elle Osborne to play on one of my tracks: she's an ace fiddle player that makes your heart leap when she plays. I thought she'd sound great on Memento Mori (the demo's on Myspace) so keep your fingers crossed until I tell you to stop! Meanwhile, Plastilina have been in touch again, and I hope that somehow we can sort ot a Chefs release some time soon. But I think that's a bit of a don't-hold-your-breath situation. And another decent person is Dina Hornreich, who's happy for me to post a message on to see if there's a demand for The Lost Women of Rock Music to come out in paperback, so more than just librarians can afford to read it. So I'll do that this weekend.
And my old Hofner semi-acoustic bass has gone to the doctors to be mended. It's gone to a Luthiers called L A Strings who are brilliant- they did some work on the Gretsch I used to play in Helen and the Horns (although it needs new pickups and machine heads but will have to wait for those royalties from 24 Hours for those!) and they fix up the guitars for the Chet Atkins Society.
End of News for today.


Anonymous Worthing Paul said...

I know Ashgate are 'Academic' publishers, but maybe they would consider a paperback edition of LoWoRoMu if a bunch of pre-publication subscribers each coughed up some cash before going to print.

Just a thought.

9:12 PM  

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