Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Evenin' All!

This morning I took the foul beast Blogger out for his morning constitutional. He puffed and panted so much he got long strings of foamy saliva hanging from his jowls and when he ran across the playing field they wrapped round his muzzle like icing on a chocolate roll- nouvelle cuisine extraordinaire!
Went to the studio this P.M. to tidy up the Screaming song to send to the Mad Professor- did lots of editing, it's much neater now; and recorded demos of two new ones for the next CD!* It was nice to be back, great therapy, although I didn't sing very well which was probably due to complete lack of sleep. As with most insomniacs, I know the night hours all too well and play an imaginary iPodsworth of songs in my head each night to keep myself entertained. I'm getting better at playing guitar though, mainly because I know what's bad about what I do, but also partly because I want to be like those ole Blues mamas and still be playing when I'm an ancient crustacean on a creaky old rocking chair (it's the knees that creak, you know, not the chair).
I think it's high time Heaven Avenue vanished from Myspace, so I'll replace it with Screaming, which has Gina Birch playing bass and Dubulah playing guitar, and of course, yours truly on scream.
I sent off for a Box Number today (no, suburbians, that's not a type of dwarf hedge) so the CD can be sold from here.
*probably be called Polyhymnia


Blogger monty said...

Dear Helen, Please keep us all informed as to where we can obtain your CD? What shops will stock, or what Post office box no?

3:26 PM  

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