Saturday, October 14, 2006


The computer network at home's down, so I'm in the library, sitting next to a man who is humming and looking up bus types at Romford Garage.
Akiko sent me a DVD of Ohi Ho Bang Bang this morning. I absolutely love this film and I've watched it already- it features Holger Hiller destroying things and its a really good dance track too.
Emerald's finished the artwork for the CD, and it looks amazing! I'll be able to send everything off next week and then have to make room in my house for a thousand CDs. I made room last weekend, but have filled the space with guitar cases already. Humm.
Last week I wwent down to Song Club which Dan's running on his own now, to help write a song about dinosaurs- they are going to the Natural History Museum this time. I'd forgotten what fun it is working in a mini-world with a knee-high community. Little children are very serious, as well as silly. They worry about their glasses, and if they are going to get a biscuit this week.
Got to shoot off and do the shopping now, slight hangover always helps!


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