Saturday, October 21, 2006

Finches, Willesden, Tour

I am planning a tour now, and hope to go to Cardiff and Bristol in January- I might ask Annie if there are any good venues in Bath- I think Moles might still be going. Perhaps I could support Joe McGann if he has finished doing his musical. I used to share a house in Willesden with Annie and Paul McGann and Steve McGann, and of course Treacle, Charlotte, little Claire, Glenn, Ruth, Marek Kohn and some strange blokes upstairs that only our cats knew. Lots of us used to just climb up the front or back of the house when we were (frequently) locked out; I don't think we all realised we all did this until ages afterwards. And we had the most fantastic parties! I'm sure I've mentioned them before on this blog. Mad. It's where Justin melted his boots.
When I went on tour with Helen and the Horns, I gave my finches to Annie and Paul. Mrs Finch had loads of babies while I was away, and ate them before I got back! For some reason I still feel incredibly guilty about that.
So here are the dates I'm playing so far- the link I tried to do last posting didn't work:
Saturday 18th November- The Bull Theatre, Barnet
Monday 27th November- The Telegraph, Brixton
Saturday 2nd December- The Cafe Royale, Edinburgh
Thursday 14th December- Newcastle, supporting the Daintees
Friday 15th December- Newcastle, supporting the Daintees
I'm going to try to add some more in when I have found good venues to play...
Everything will be on
...and I'm going to start recording new stuff again soon, I'll post here when it's there. The old songs have been on there for a long time; there are lots of tracks that are not on the album, and new ones too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Helen, The McGann Bros. Were they from the legendary: 60s.Band The Scaffold. Songs like: Lily the Pink spring to mind. Apparently rumour has it that he is Mr. Paul McCartneys Bro?

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What boots was Justin wearing at the time? Apparently with 'DOC MARTINS' you can get 'sole replacement. If this is any help to the man (Georges shoes,in Barnet Hill)

1:56 PM  
Blogger monty said...

Dear Helen, That's quite near me: The Bull in Barnet. And I shall definatly attend, Thank you. Its a shame that THE MOOD ELEVATORS can't be there?

2:11 PM  

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