Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Drawing Day

Today is a drawing day- I did a poster for the next Songbird (it's moving to Wednesdays and the venue has changed)and I'll do one for the December one today- it's raining and unless I feel like going ice-skating, it's a drawing day. Tomorrow, going to the studio to edit the Screaming song to send to the Mad Professor (I was really chuffed, he left a comment about 'Dreaming of You' on Myspace, brilliant he took the time to listen, and it's the first track on the new CD.I needed that vote of confidence!). Thursday, Steve Beresford invites musicians to play in Ray's Jazz store at Foyle's and I think I'll go to that- last person I saw there was BJ Cole and when I saw the chords he played that's when I decided to ask him to play on some of the stuff I'd written. This time, it's a guitarist whose name escapes me, but if I find out, I'll tell you. Then later that night, it's Offline at Jamm- haven't been for ages because it's been such a mammoth task getting the CD ready all mixed in with starting a new job- but I'm really looking forward to it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Helen, The only 'Songbird' That i know of is the one by the legendary FLEETWOOD MAC. And if they were still together today, then the world would certainly be a better place. I remember that They had in-house squabbling? as most bands do, but at the end of it all songs like TUSK, RHIANNON ETC.

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