Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brighton Gig

It's a lovely feeling, the day after playing, better than any drug or booze or anything like that. I feel really happy, although I am sick-a-bed. It was such a nice gig last night- the promoter, Grant, was really great, the other band (Popguns) were really good (3 acoustic guitars and female vocalist, Wendy- sort of urban folk), and there were people there that I suppose I never really thought I'd see again. Punkdaddy came along and so did Dick Damage; Johnny Piranha came, and Jon who played bass with Fan Club. Mufti and Sarah came, from No Man's Band (I nicked Mufti's name for 'Swan'). And the Chrisp bros with their bevy of stylish damsels, and Kim, the original eco-terrorist (she used to cycle round London scattering flower seeds on bomb sites). Everett True spun the vinyl and so did Grant. Joby, where were you? I kept a seat for you and Valex. I had brought a thousand diamonds as a present for you, but you can't have them now!
I hadn't done a proper gig for about 4 months, so was a little rusty in places but overall, I just got such a high from singin' and playin'. I realised after talking to a few people that it's not all that common to start off again with a whole bunch of new material, instead of doing retreads. I couldn't do anything else though; there are different things to say now, and the problem with doing Helen and the Horns gigs is that it's like singing your past. Much better to sing the present!


Blogger Knife and Spoon said...

Thanks for a brilliant gig. I loved 'Swan', is it on Suburban Pastoral? Was going to request 'Songbird' but was too shy - at the time I only knew the stuff on your MySpace page, but I bought a copy of your Best Of CD. Hope you come back to Brighton soon, what with your history here it just felt right. Have a nice weekend!

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