Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dreaming Songs

Quite often, I dream songs. Dreaming of You was one, and so was Songbird. Lots of the others were too but I've forgotten which ones now. Last night, I dreamed another one and here it is.
I had to wash some clothes, and the washing machine was in the middles of a grassy area, outside in a playing field, in some sort of institution. As I was cramming the clothes into the machine, I noticed a shallow zinc tray full of coarse and dirty sand on the ground in front of the machine. I tried not to let the clothes dangle into the sand, which I supposed must be there to catch water or something. Then I noticed a tiny little ivory-coloured plastic cat in the sand- a cracker toy, it looked like. Although the sand was full of bits of charcoal and dust, I scooped it out and wiped the sand off it- and I noticed there were more- little squirrels, dogs, and other animals. As I scraped away the sand I noticed there were black ones too, and wondered if they were game pieces from a sort of chess set. They were made of something much nicer than plastic, and I decided to clean them and keep them. There was a tap used for watering plants in the quadrangle, and I took them there- Ikept dropping them because there were so many. As I was rinsing the sand off them, I could hear what I thought was a rehearsal for a classcal concert through the windows of the hall next to me; it sounded like mature women's voices, singing a song, so I peered through the glass to see what was going on. Three girls were standing there- they looked like some students- and they were singing a gospel song, which went like this.......
Well, you'll have to wait till I've finished it before you can hear it.


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