Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Singing on Martin's Stuff

It was such a sunny day yesterday- I went to work and sat at lunchtime watching the planes landing and taking off; realised they do both in the same direction,so they won't crash head-on. I had been a bit worried. Then about two docks away, I could see just the top of a massive white ship gliding past sparkling in the sunshine.
Drove up to Finsbury park; the house with the studio was at the top of a hill and you could see Alexandra Palace on the next hill- it looked as though you could just fly over to it, if you stuck your arms out and leapt into the air. Doorbell had a good crap joke, just up my street- there was an intercom: 'SONY r and yet so far'. HaHa!Then I sang on some of Martin's songs- two I hadn't even heard before and two I had been practising. It's such an experience to sing on the stuff of someone who has had a parallel life, and who you did not meet at the time; Geordieland changed massively after I left (was it my fault it was so gruesome in the first place?)and all these brilliant bands like the Daintees materialised out of the grey grit.It's great music as well- it could be mellow but it's not because there's something rootsy about it. There's a guy called Jim playing violin on it, who used to play with the Blubbery Hellbellies. One of the tracks sounded a bit like The MAddox Brothers and Rose. I left them to their jammie dodgers and sultana fingers (no, I didn't realise sultanas had fingers either), drove home, ate a humungous pile of noodles and fell asleep.


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