Sunday, April 23, 2006

Utrophia CD Launch

I went to the launch of the third Utrophia Compilation last night- on an old minesweeper parked in Deptford. Squeezed through the railings, sneaked through the car park, got shouted at by a man with a red face. Saw Hamilton Yarns and Dan Geeson play acoustic sets, drank pink wine and ate chocolate cake, it was a lovely sunny evening on deck, saw a tiny wader bird with huge feet that made giant footprints, and taking 2 hours to get there on the glorious Northern Line didn't even make me stressed... Later went on to the Utrophia studios and yakked away to lots of friendly people, held a poor girl's head while she threw up, heard more music. The compilation's really good, there are about 32 tracks, and I have a track on it called 'London'. I thought they were going to use another one called 'The Word is Goodbye' that I'd been going to ask the Mad Professor to remix, but they didn't so I'll put that version on Myspace whether or not it gets remixed. All the bands and artists on the CDs have played the venues that Utrophia puts things on at, and they are all very unusual. It costs £7 and you can get it if you email


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