Thursday, April 20, 2006


Huh.. I've now recovered from the Mirror's horrid photo that did indeed fit in with their title, Pretty Ancient! Nice pic of Joby's bum, though, I thought!
I've just finished a draft of my book, the stressful creature, and already I have seen loads of things to change but I'm having a rest from it for a couple of hours. Tomorrow I have the task of transferring the whole lot on to a new computer that work has bought me.. please cross your fingers if you're reading this, my old computer has lost so much of it by pretending to save it and then not really doing it!! I've sent Ari her brilliant interview... was supposed to be meeting up but I was snoring, drinking and quadbiking in Scotland and now she's gone back to Jamaica... they have been doing some recording, and I can't wait to hear it- the new stuff they were rehearsing sounded fantastic.
Incidentally, I can't find Roots FM any more- have they gone off air? I don't think I can manage without them, the music is just so good and I've got used to the DJs....
Tonight I'm going to the studio to finish mixing the other track that BJ Cole played on. It also has Anja from the Irrepressibles playing accordion on it. The album is almost finished now, just got to go to Maidenhead to record under the Brunel bridge there (I want it's reverb), and put Melodica on a track, either that or trombone, try Melodica first, it's cheaper and I'm running out of budget! Ben Cummins from Utrophia has a track to do things with, it's written about his Properties of Chalk and Sun project so it seemed logical to ask for some musical input from him. It was a huge relief that he likes the track- imagine what it must be like to inspire a piece of music you hate!
I have a new pet dislike who has inherited James Blunt's creepcrown- that bloke in a Hawaaian shirt who does the endless song, Jack Johnson. Where do these people come from? Who buys their fiendish music? How dare they sing in my ears!!!

Now I am going to draw the next poster for Songbird in May.


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