Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last Night's Gig

It was a great venue- just the right balance of people talking and listening (I can't bear reverent silence- how can it be a night out for people?). The promoter (Lonepilot) is really good- he makes live recordings and does a CD of each gig which he sells for a quid (that's how much it costs to make them), brilliant idea.
I played some new songs which is about time probably, and some old ones that I have just been playing to myself and never played live. Lester Square turned up, and I've asked him to play on some more of my stuff, and he said yes. He has a join-the-dots theory- he just wants to surface from time to time playing on people's tracks, and if people like it they will find more.
The first chap was very good, he had a doctored wooden Spanish guitar with steel strings and it sounded a bit like a very bassy Dobro. Hazey Jane had a sore throat but she sang really beautifully- I love her voice, very wistful, but she's playing a solid-body guitar now and it gives her music a lot of guts behind her songs.
I've got the playing live bug again now after doing so much recording...
And in the afternooon, Giuliano Grazioli from Barnet Football Club came down to talk to the children at Song Club so thay can write songs about football. He had broken his hand but he still managed to sign autographs. We are all going to the match on Saturday to get further inspiration, and chilblains.


Anonymous thom nova said...

any way to purchase one of those gig cds?

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