Monday, March 20, 2006

Goodbye to a million fish

Since the last time I made a boring posting about my reproducing tropical fish, she has had at least 2 more sets of fishlets and there are now at least a million in there. I called the aquarium shop and they have agreed to take them so long as I don't want them to pay for them. I had to pretend that they were all an inch long. I have only managed to catch about 1,000 so far and the others are peering at them through the plastic bag, trying to make me believe that Fish Have Feelings, so I feel too guilty to send them packing. They simply don't realise that it won't be long till I have nightmares about them taking over the house, and nor do they realise that the last thing I want to do first thing tomorrow is catch the rest of the shoal (including Mr and Mrs Adult Fish) and drive them to the aquarium, slopping and leaking all over the place.
The cat has told me he knows what to do about the problem, just leave it to him.


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