Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Song Club

We are going to start Song Club again in March. Me and my songwriting friend Dan work with children in a tiny school in Barnet on Wednesday afternoons, running a Song Club where we write songs about all sorts of things with the children. Once, we went to London Zoo and looked at all the animals, wrote songs about them, and went back to sing them at the Zoo. Once we visited the Barnet Recycling Centre in the rain and wrote songs about recycling (and getting wet). The Mayor of Barnet came to assembly to see that one, and the children wore newspaper jackets and hats. This time we are going to work with Barnet Football Club. Giuliano Grazioli is going to come to talk to the children and they will ask him questions so they can write lyrics for their songs- and also they will go to a match. With any luck, they'll all be singing their songs on the pitch at half-time when we've finished them.


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