Sunday, February 05, 2006

Last night

Last night I went to the Resonance Benefit at the Conway Hall- there were some great DJs and I took the opportunity to dance myself stupid. Hammy was there- the drummer from Transglobal Underground who used to play drums in the 'house band' for the mad little theatre groups I used to write songs for. He could do things like setting off an alarm clock and switching it off while remaining in time- seemingly doing it in slow motion, during quite a fast song. If you've ever played in a band you-ll know what I mean. I am a bass player, or was, and the way things work with the drummer is always different- some of them just bully you along, some of them bounce, some of them do 'fiddling about with pots and pans', some of them leave lots of space for you to do stuff in. The last sort are best because you can play along almost in a reverie, and that's the sort Hammy is.
His band pre-Transglobal was the Flavel Bambi Septet- Natacha Atlas used to belly-dance and sing for them- and they came up to the Edinburgh Fringe to be our house band there. The show had about 30 people in it. I sang a song called 'She's a Girl that Likes to Have a Horse Between Her Legs', wearing a wooden horse with little legs that I could control with red ribbons, and tap-danced at the same time. We had a man who sawed people in half and found kidneys and apples inside them, Dada poetry, rude ladies who sat on the audiences' laps, a mini-play about marine biologists, and many more items. We also had dry ice. Now I work in an office that has a grey carpet, white walls and a computer, and a movement sesitive light that switches off all the time because nobody moves.


Anonymous mrs mantu said...

That's all very well, but can Hami change a lightbulb?

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