Thursday, February 28, 2008

Old Lady chic fest

Oops- a couple of postings ago, I'd abandoned old-lady chic; then what did I do? I was handing some stuff in to the North London Hospice shop and the man had a brand new pair of black suede fleece-lined old lady zip-up black bootees in my size, so of course, I had to have 'em.
What a hypocrite!

In Crete on holiday with Joan and the kids, her eldest daughter was very taken by the attractive stray dogs that trotted around looking at her appealingly.
Oh! look at the lovely doggy-woggy-poggies! She cooed from time to time.
We were out driving up a steep mountain and it started to become a little wearing.
Joan and myself had had a hearty drink of Cretan red wine and we spotted a very ancient, very sweet old lady in a headscarf, tottering along beside a field.
Oh! look at the lovely little old lady-pady-wady! We snorted, and laughed so much we could not stop, the tears pouring down our faces and flooding the van.


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