Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wizzo bang bang hurray huzzahh!!

It worked! Eight people, standing back from the microphone in a smiling semicircle, man/woman/man/woman etc etc, all singing from the same songsheet (quite liderally), a little embarrassed at first, wondering what possessed them to turn up, then just going for it and sounding fabulous! Lollies all round, then Gareth played a little Rhodes and Tom slapped on the cheesey sleighbells ('Are you sure you want them this loud? They sound horrible!' 'Yes').
Thank you mad choir!
Now he's mixing the tracks, I am a very happy bunny for now, got a cup of tea and catching my breath before this evening.

Oh brother Tobias, thank you for your comment, I am now at peace.
I am sorry I haven't phoned Netty back but I did get the message.
Things a little hectic chez moi at the moment.


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