Monday, April 30, 2007


Saw 3 Lowri Turners this afternoon as I walked through town. This is alarming, because it fears me that I will turn into one too if I hang around here long enough. Maybe it's just that there's a convention going on somewhere in the 'hood, and I haven't read about it anywhere because I threw the local papers straight into the recycling bin this week.

I saw Mrs Nosmiles. She did twist her left lip slightly last time I smiled at her in the street, which is progress. I will persevere, because she looks like fun, secretly.

A woman cello player strode down our street, smoking a cheroot. I must find out who she is. Imagine that! A cheroot smokin' cellist sawing away on stage next to me! Wow!

Apart from that, the streets are empty; everyone is in their back garden sipping chilled cherryade and eating Quavers. I know, because my cat told me.


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