Sunday, April 29, 2007

Couple of Stories for Sunday (one's a Repeat, I think)

I had a friend from Slovakia, we were very good mates, and one day she asked me to go with her to see a concert by a Slovakian superstar called Elan. He had been in a very serious motorcycle accident, and was just piecing himself together again physically; he'd decided to play for the expats in London as a way back to performing in Slovakia. So we got dressed up in our finery and went down to Camden Town Hall. What an experience! I think I was the only English-speaking person there; every Slovakian person in London must have congregated there to see him! He looked absolutely delighted. I don't think I've ever seen a performer look so genuinely pleased to be on stage: he had the most radiant smile, and the rock star arrogance just fell to the floor and left a real, happy, middle-aged singer counting his blessings; the whole audience sang along in unison to every song, bellowing, carolling, dreaming of Slovakia, drunk on that lethal stuff that comes in big brown beer bottles. I was completely stunned, an alien in London. I really did feel like a fly on the wall, some sort of voyeur into a totally different culture: the bond between him and his audience was so strong you could almost reach out and touch it.
Thank you, Eva, for taking me to his concert. I don't know where you are now and you certainly don't read this because you don't know who Helen McCookerybook is.

Biology Teacher
This is the story that might be a repeat but I can't be bothered to look through all those postings to see if it is or not! It is Sunday morning after all, and I bet nobody else is up but me.
No, I think I have told you, actually, so I won't. You see, I'm worried in case I am becoming senile.

I was going to auction a vinyl single of Frank Ifield singing 'She Taught Me To Yodel' (or is it 'I Taught Her To Yodel'? It's upstairs and I'm downstairs) for Resonance.
Does anyone want to bid for it, and I'll give them the money? They didn't have time to do the auction on Resonating Sunday, and it's here propping up my dentures. If you want to, email me
Time for a cup of coffee, I think.


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