Friday, April 27, 2007

Lost going; lost there; lost coming back.

Yesterday morning I went to Tom's to re-do the vocals on some of my tracks. What I did was better, but annoyingly, as I re-recorded January in Paris (it's a much better version) I asked Tom 'Is it one o'clock?'. The reason I knew is that at one o'clock on the dot, my voice changes from the voice of a strangled ferret to a normal singing voice, not just in sound but also in how it feels like to sing through the bloody voice box. So I've decided to do no more singing sessions in the morning, no matter how unprofessional that is (someone once told me proper singers can sing perfectly at any time of day, so I suppose now it's time to finally admit I'm nor proper).
Anyway... thats enough about me (ha ha ha ha!!)

Here's some more about me. I got really lost on the way to the venue in Tufnell Park. I got 'there' (you know, the general area) and drove past the street twice in one direction and once in the other direction, until I found it and did a u-turn in front of an angry bus. I was just parking when I realised I'd chosen a spot just next to a chip shop where about 5 teenage boys were having a chip'n'vinegar fight. I've got a courtesy car again (don't even ask why!) and would lose a hundred smackers if it got damaged so I got back in and drove off. But it was a one way street, and I got lost again trying to find the way back into it.
The pub was great, and Little Alison came (she's a seamstress and came with her sewing mates). Long time since we saw each other- she used to be in the strange productions we took to the Edinburgh Fringe, the Pantomime Titus Andronicus Musical and Dr Calamari. Rick Britt, the drummer from Joby and the Hooligans and the Smartees, came too. Incredible to see him again- he remembers different things to me, like our guitarist Steve not being able to remember lyrics or chords and having masses of little bits of paper with them on stage with him. There was an extra person on the bill (Ollie was frighetened of her so he let her play) but I'm afraid I can't review the other acts like I normally do because I was too busy yakking!
But people seemed to really like my songs, and I'll be playing there again.
I got lost on the way back too. It's very interesting getting lost, you see lots of bits of London you wouldn't otherwise see; but I do sometimes wonder if one day I'll get lost and never get found again, and just spend the rest of my life driving round in limbo, peering in bewilderment out of the windscreen of the car.


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