Monday, April 23, 2007

Been Recording Today

This morning I did some early-bird recording at Goldtop studios in Camden- it belongs to Neil Brockbank (who did the live sound for King Kurt and has Very Good Ears, as they say*) and Paul Laventhol ( who played guitar for them). It's a fantastic studio full of vintage instruments- there's a Hammond Organ there with a Leslie speaker to play it through (the sort that looks like a piece of 1960s furniture, with fans inside that waft the sound into amazing shapes) and loads of old amps and so on.
I went to put a bass line on to Joby's music, which came out fine after a cup of coffee and some M&Ms (peanut).
People popped in, very relaxed, and I came out in a good mood, vowing to see Paul in his Elvis tribute band at the 12 Bar this Saturday so long as they are not on too late (everybody know I turn into a pumpkin at midnight).
I had some curry on toast (that's what posh people have for lunch, you know)
I was sent some live pics from Resonating Sunday but have forgotten to copy the link so I'll have to do that tomorrow. They are on Flickr and were taken by a guy called Sean who I will namecheck properly tomorrow too.
A Smile and a Ribbon liked my Blogreview (hello if you are visiting again!)
In a minute, Jamie's coming round and I'll take him down to meet the staff at the school where I do Song Club. Dan's left and Jamie's taking over. We already have a gig for the children at the end of the workshop series, in a retirement home with a proper stage. If only gigs were so easy to come by for us oldsters!
Do you know, last night I spent ages sorting out masses of old Chefs photos and Helen and the Horns ones, but didn't get round to scanning them, as I just sat and pored over them till I fell asleeps.
I was going to pimp the Helen and the Horns Myspace but it only works on PCs so I'll have to wait, but I did put some different tracks up there, including my favourite H and H one, Two Strings to Your Bow.
I like to keep the McCookerybook one plain and simple like me (tee hee)

*the opposite of this is 'Ears of Cloff'.


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