Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday Mike, 21 today again. Be very glad you are not one of the little Welsh people I saw today at Heathrow, about 50 of them, all small and round and Saga, with expensve beige and grey clothing and neat haircuts and trolleys with ample luggage, pruned and preened and tidier-than-thou.
I hope you have a good night, Mr Partyperson photographer, and send my love to Emerald!

Another thing I saw at Heathrow was a meeting-person who had forgotten to put away his notice with people's names in black felt pen on it, and was walking along to the car park with his passengers beside him, still holding his notice up in front of him!
Ha ha!

News extra: have you see The Chefs myspace? Carl has been doing it, www.myspace.com/thechefs
He has been cleaning up a bunch of our tracks which we are hoping to release shortly. I've found masses of old flyers, posters and photographs too, stashed away in all sorts of places I would never have thought to look. Bruv found an old diary too, and we did LOADS of gigs, which I had completely forgotten about (probably totally slaughtered at the time). I also found a thing about a gig we did with a group called The Underaged who were all actually underage, and the promoter went mad. We had to make sure they ddn't drink anything and get them all out by 11 o'clock.
Mmm, bands called what they are: there was the Simonics- Simon Walker on bass, Nick Smith on Keyboards, Nick something else on drums, Simon Smith on sax, Nick Page on Guitar. Recorded at Elephant Studio, Wapping with an engineer called Nick. An engineer called Simon also worked there (he recorded the Helen and the Horns album).

I'm going to the studio tomorrow to record a new track. For some reason I have got a very deep voice at the moment (am I turning into a man?) so we shall see what we shall see.


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