Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Olivia's dad's just walked past, with a smile on his face and his sunglasses on, head tilted towrds the sun. He's a very happy man, he loves his wife and his wife loves him. They go for walks together in the evening, just promenading around, happy in each other's company. He goes out shopping first thing...
Sometimes I see the man from the noodle bar coming back from the supermarket with a huge bag full of loaves of bread. He's my smiling-friend: we always say hello. And I have just started smiling at Mrs Smokinglady with her two children. She is very unhappy, I can feel it, and her face is a bit scary because of that, and I've walked past her without smiling for too long. So now I do it.
In a minute I'm going to East London. I hope I have some songwriters there. I promised to do antything to help them, play guitar, whatver whatever whatever. They are not very confident so I'll have to work hard at giving them a bit of strength 'cos I have a gig for them in May.
So goodbye. Have a nice day, whoever you are and wherever you are.


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