Saturday, March 31, 2007

Well, petals...

... just got back from the Park Road Pilot- what an experience! A huge house in Harlesden, wooden floors, scuffed walls, big table groaning under the weight of Eritrean food (yum yum!) glarse of red wine, art on the wall with artist talking about it, very stylish people (we ain't got none of those in High Barnet), friendly Rebecca organiser, the perfect gig. I played unplugged, everybody was quiet and laughed at the funny bits in the lyrics, even the bits I had forgotten were funny, and they clapped a lot, so they must have liked it, and they cheered. I liked it. You must go, it's brilliant. Lucy came and we sat and chatted. We haven't seen each other for ages; she's been writing an unauthorised book on Madonna which I can not wait to read; she's just finished it, and I've just finished mine. But we didn't even talk about that. We talked about something different.
Ah yes, and I have another gig, at the Twelve Bar on the 17th with Martin. But the actual next one is Friday 6th, at The Ship in Borough High Street, with Katy Carr, Sharon Lewis who was in Pooka, and Diana as mistress of ceremonies. It's another unplugged one: all the rage at the moment, innit?


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