Friday, March 30, 2007

Guitar Strings

A few weeks ago my friend Dan told me he'd sent me some guitar strings, with a wound "G" which wouldn't go 'boing' when I played it, a problem Gretsch guitars have. When he played guitar for Naomi Phoenix he played a vintage version of the Green Goddess, and had the same problem that I have.
Well, the strings never turned up, but I've had a really good time imagining what might have happened to them:

1. The postman used them to re-string his tennis racket
2. Local cats grouped together and used them to make a harp in a tree
3. Girls at the local school used them to make exotic hair-decorations
4. A tramp used them to floss his teeth
5. The traffic warden stretched them across the street to trip up the cars

Perhaps, blogifers, you have some suggestions yourselves?

Another small thing: this morning at Heathrow Airport, I pressed the 13 button on the chocolate machine and a bar of Whole Nut came out, without me having to put any money in it.


Anonymous Wor. Paul said...

Shakey picked the lock on the Green Door and then abseils into a charity shop.

The local football team laced their boots with them. Now they don't only sing when they're winning.

A party of ants used them to scale the north face of a tuffet.

Ferry travellers prone to seasickness use them to keep their false teeth in place.

A Smithfield butcher shop quartet knitted them into a screen to hide from photographers.

A lady rat skips with a guitar string every morning to get fit before she goes in search of her missing spouse.

10:39 PM  

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