Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gilbert and George

Do you know, there are some really beautiful drawings at the Gilbert and George exhibition at the Tate Modern.
They are deliberately brutal with their paintings and prints to get up everybody's noses (actually, I feel like I know what they are on about a lot of the time). But I was really fascinated by these huge, life-size drawings in charcoal on yellowish paper- they looked as tho' G and G had wandered into one of those 1960s Ladybird Books that showed us what sort of ideal families we should belong to. I wanted to wander there with them and listen to what they were talking about; probably having corned beef and beetroot sandwiches for tea, I expect.
Later, a group of us walked along the South Bank. How busy it was!
I remember sitting there by myself on a bench by the river Thames one winter's night, just looking at the city lights and listening to the London rumble, the traffic and night-time activity; it was incredibly romantic and peaceful to exprience it alone like that.


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