Friday, January 26, 2007

Fag Club at Cardiff's Buffalo Bar

I drove down from London, into the sunset, always so romantic;that strange ballet of traffic, weaving forwards, same old music tape getting worn out and developing odd EQs.
The first support band was an improv band called I-S-G, a guitarist, cellist and double bass player, who used all sorts of objects like wooden spoons and chopsticks to alter their instruments- the double bass playing was particularly fascinating, because you don't see anyone being that aggressive with the precious instrument very often. He was actually a really good player and a creditable percussionist too.
Next were the fantastic Stillettos.
In the beginning, there was punk; it's a learning genre. There is something completely joyful about all that noise and ramshackle structure, all that just doing it.
Crash crash bash thump yell! Stuff everyone, you can go to hell! They sang songs about dentists, they roared, they had attitude. And all this from 2 girls and a guy, all under 18, all having a great adventure. I loved them. They reminded me of Girlschool, actually, which is a compliment because Girlschool are great.
I'd had such a good night and I enjoyed my bit too- I enoyed singing, playing, and the crowd listening and smiling at the funny bits in my lyrics. The sound was really good and the crowd was really warm. Afterwards, I had some nice conversations with one or two of them about the things the songs are about, the less happy ones that they could relate to. Charlotte Grieg came with her two guitarists, one of whom is a sprite (you know, a young guy in it for learning and the experience; Diana has Merlin the accordionist, and the Nightingales have the Lloydlet)
Thank you Debi, for inviting me to play, and for putting me up too. It's a great night. Go along if you can-
I noticed I-S-G had left a wooden spoon behind. It's on a chair, guys, if you read this.


Anonymous ISG said...

Thank you for giving a heads up about the spoon, we have them back now. we very much enjoyed your set also, you have a wonderful voice. all the best.

1:28 PM  

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