Friday, February 23, 2007

Helen and the Horns

I have just put the two tracks from the CD that are Horns tracks on to Myspace with a lovely photo that the Helen and the Horns Dutch fan club took (yes! it's true! there was such a thing! they even had their own headed notepaper to write to John Peel on!)
Tom's digitised some old stuff but we missed each other last night when I tried to pick it up, so that will have to wait till next week. I will also put the French version of 'Footsteps at my Door' up there too but I can't find it at the moment. I'm sure I can find it tomorrow. And I will start putting Chefs songs on that page too, but I'm going to do that together with Carl and we should be meeting soon to decide what to do about that. Just thought I'd bagsy the name, tho' in case someone else did. Seems like a few people are interested in both bands now, which is funny, but I think perhaps everybody else from the 1980s is used up and they are digging a little deeper!


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