Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I feel as though I am driving a very fast car, this week. Yesterday went brilliantly in the studio- Elle has a completely unique fiddle sound and she did three takes of the song, each of which has some fantastic features. The thing I like about her playing is that it sounds so physical- you can hear the wood of the fiddle and you can hear the arm movements in there- it's like someone's carving the sound out of a tree trunk, and somtimes even splintering it with an axe! I was not sure if there was room in the song for another instrument, but there definitely is space for that madness. It has made me feel unbelievably happy and excited!
I also recorded January in Paris, and although it was far from perfect, I think it is the best song I have written in my life so far. It is not a ballad (that's what I was trying to write).
This morning, the Chefs tracks that Carl has been cleaning up arrived. He has done a magic job of rescuing them. My voice sounds really terrible on a lot of them. I was just about to become very ill and all I can hear in myself is a terrible premonition of things to come. His vocals and the other instruments sound really good though; by then we had become really good players. Russ's drumming is over-tribal in some songs but we don't have to use everything.
I am at work now, eating a banana. Later, an ex-student who runs a mobile childrens' songwriting project called Rollingsound is coming in to do a talk. Then it's off home to burn pancakes, look at Joby's art student project, listen to a young genius whose music we will play on Thursday evening when Martin's on Resonance, and carry on correcting the manuscript for The Lost Women of Rock Music. More people are getting in touch saying they can come to the party- Poly Styrene too, I hope. It's gonna be a humdinger, almost worth a new tattoo!
Ahh... Friday, Martin's at the 12 Bar and I am playing too, and then I'm at Viva Viva in Hornsey on Sunday evening; please come to hear my new songs if you can, I need some people to soak up my extra energy and excitement, or I will burst!


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