Friday, February 16, 2007

Small News Items

I have been asked for a couple of tracks for a compilation of women musicians, and more about that another time. And we are going to set up a Myspace page for the Chefs to put some archive stuff on the web ourselves. And I've got book proofs (or the first stage of them) to read over this weekend. And I think I'll set up a Helen and the Horns Myspace page too because i listened to an old cassette of ours and the horn sound was just great- it was from when Marc Jordan was our trumpet player, right at the beginning. I was talking to Morvern Callar yesterday (who used to be called Hazey Jane) and she really likes Helen and the Horns, and one of the artists she is working on at 4AD really likes the band too, so that's another reason to put it all there. And Elle Osborne's coming up to London on Monday to record a fiddle part for Memento Mori.
Phew. I think I'll go back to bed.


Blogger Paul de Boe said...

Hey Helen,
have been listening to Helen & the Horns all week. Creative, optimistic and oh so generous of spirit. Sounds much more of today than then. Good luck with your myspace.

love and thanx
Paul de Boe

(Let Sufjan Stevens know what you'rve got)

3:48 PM  

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