Friday, February 23, 2007

Posting from a tired person

Well, I think yesterday was a good day. Martin's talk went down well with the songwriters, and then we went to the West End, stopping briefly for a couple of Willy Mason's songs in Sister Ray's record store- I couldn't see anything but he sounded good; he has that rough quality that people spend ages sandpapering off. I hope he keeps it.
Then we went on down to Resonance FM, tumbling and shambolic as always but so friendly and efficient at the same time. A Spanish band was just finishing a live set and we fitted in around them. When it was our turn, Martin had to sit downstairs to play and I had to sit upstairs in tha attic to talk and sometimes we couldn't hear each other, but the good thing was that rather than just playing lots of tracks it made sense for him to play a mini-set of songs live in the middle of the show; all that sparkling geetar playing made the engineers grin from ear to ear. To my mind, it beats laptop stuff any day, unlss the laptop stuff is top-o-the-range. And the stories that go with the songs are part of the whole charm. And big up the engineers, who are all volunteers but who just do a brilliant job.
Possibly today we will be writing songs for an album in my kitchen which has a fabulous reverb; possibly he will need to sleep all day because it was hard work, travelling down from Inverness for all that. We'll see; at any rate, we are both playing the 12 Bar in Denmark Street tonight and will probably do a song together. I invited the Mad Professor, but he is in New Zealand.


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