Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Almost Grown

When I lift the lid of this laptop after it's been sleeping, it plays the intro to 'Almost Grown' by Chuck Berry. It doesn't really, it just sounds that way. Being a complete nerd, I had to go and play through a few tracks to find out what it wasit reminded me of. Sometimes I have to switch off my iPod if the DLR is going past the North Circular, or sometimes on the tube too, because the track is out of tune with the traffic noise or the sound of the tube whooshing through the tunnel. It took me ages to work out why I could't stand to listen sometimes. There's always a lot of external noise because those little ear things won't fit in my ears and I have to wear giant headphones that make the ticket collector at my local station roar with laughter every time he sees me. I am too kind to laugh at his silly shoes.


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