Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Nightingales, Gina Birch, The Victorian Lucas, Spinmaster Plantpot

Yes, last night is actually worth reviewing. I even went downstairs to look up the Victorian Lucas' name (thought it was Victoria's Secret, but that's an underwear brand).
Spinmaster spun his familiar spin- he's very good, but good enough to change what he does now. There are lots of things you can do with anger, not just shout in rhythm, and everybody's listening after the first rant.
The Victorian Lucas were a typically tight New York band, with the interesting addition of a trombone, which sounded really good with NY new-wave music- you'd be surprised. Something of the tone of a tenor sax, but added to their wall of sound. Bands like this make venues like this (the Spitz) feel as though they are actually situated in New York. Very strange.
Gina was in excellent voice- she's sounding very 'soul' these days; I would have liked to hear more voice and less track, because she has a seriously unique vocal style and she sings with a real passion that would put a lot of other singers, especially those called Cat Power, to shame. (and me, of course!)
And finally, the Nightingales. I had forgotten how much I loved this band!How did this music arise from the land of heavy metal? Years ago, I met Rob Lloyd in the London Musician's Collective in Camden. I'll swear he looked older then than he does now. How can this be? They started off with Born and Bred in Birmingham, and carried on, exploding with personality... Company Man, Bread (I know I've probably got the titles wrong, I just remember the songs). The bass player reminded me of Andy Warren- something of the night about him; the drummer thwacked the shit out of his snakeskin kit (I was trying to tell Gina how mad he looked (she was behind a pillar)and drew drums and 'DRUMMER MAD'on a piece of paper). And as for the new little (young, not small) guitarist- I wrongly assumed he was Rob's son, and christened him the Lloydlet. He played guitar like a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder frantically scrubbing their nails. Worrying! He looked extraordinary, with hair I was jealous of- a Brum-fro if I've ever seen one! Strange voice, too- a bit like Mr Punch, and a wild guitarist. Rob's voice is even stranger- a sort of baa-ing neigh which vibrated the bit of card I was scribbling the titles on so much that the writing went wobbly, and reassuringly, he still strained at the top notes, which I always found incredibly endearing. Absolutely brilliant, I tell you- this is the energy that Franz Ferdinand tamed (along with a bit of Monochrome Set) and much as I luv 'em, there's NOTHING like the real thing, baby. If John Peel had manufactured blokes for a living, they would be Rob Lloydalikes, I know that for sure.


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