Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Treasure Trove

Me and my pal went in a great shop the other day.
I have driven past it loads of times and craned my neck to see what was in there but it got so tempting I had to park up and have a look.
The shop is called Audiogold and it's sort of in between Muswell Hill and Hornsey (Park Road) or Crouch End and Alexandra Park, depending on who you are and where you are coming from (!).
It is stuffed with vintage speakers, portable record players that you can stack your singles on and have them play one by one, microphones, old beatboxes, old radios (including a radiogram), headphones, vinyl albums and singles, and comfy chairs to sit on.
It's a proper shop- totally uncorporate, the sort that has regular pop-in customers who don't buy anything, haven't ever and probably never will. The odour of leatherette pervades, and I was charmed by a child's miniature toy piano (unfortunately possibly the only item in the shop that wasn't for sale).
Old telephones are sprinkled about the place: it's nerd's heaven and was very difficult to leave once we were in there.
I bought some carry boxes to store my old 7" singles in and I've spent this afternoon happily forcing them in, only just having bought enough boxes to house the collecsh.
I imagine sitting in a big old room with a choice of vintage speakers to listen on, clicking through each set with a switching device and eating marshmallows while I do so.


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