Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday evening Martin recorded some songs for me using a new USB microphone to get an unplugged effect- they may well be for my next album, or if not, very high quality demos.
Recording informally like that makes you sing differently- more as though you are singing to yourself or just one or two other people.
I've put Dreaming of You on Myspace as it's a song that is being revived for the Desperado Housewives gig; and Monday's Mood, just because it's a song from the old days.
The next song I'm writing is about Wood Green Shopping City.
I hung out there while I was doing jury service two years ago, looking at all the things I didn't want to buy with all the people who didn't have enough money to buy anything anyway.
Today, I noticed the Chuggers (the charity muggers) in Barnet High Street being hoisted on their own petards, as unemployed people took delight in finding someone to indulge in long conversations with.
One chap was telling someone all about his central heating problems; time on his hands and no money in his pockets!


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