Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Which The Desperado Housewives Have A Rehearsal

We thought we'd try out our scheme of singing a song each, following a loose and winding thread from one idea to another, and we met up at Jude's lovely house in Mottingham to give it a go.
I had been wondering how our different styles would work, but after this, I can see that it's going to work really well.
Kath's songs are gently funny, building up a naive-seeming picture that gradually materialises into a knowing disruption of everything around her; Jude's are almost Dickensian in their darkly moral lack of morals; mine are quirky takes on emotional subjects (well, I think so: but that seems to describe all 3 of us).
Apart from anything else, it's going to be wonderful to share a stage with 2 such interesting song writers. The best thing will be if we can paint our world and invite people into it.
Will I dare to wear the lilac chiffon Abigail's Party dress that Martin brought me back from Australia?
I think so!

The first ever Desperado Housewives gig will be at Liquid Nation in West London next Tuesday.
Details to follow!


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