Monday, September 14, 2009

Set List

That was a nice rehearsal. We sat round and played through the set which will go like this (I think):

Lonesome Country Boy
Pioneer Town
Northbound Train (possibly)
Oh Boy
Two Strings to Your Bow
My Black Rose
Footsteps at My Door
Freight Train

The guys played very sweetly tonight and Paul went off with about 25 wine glasses that I will no longer need- the parties will have to relocate to their house in future!
I have to practice these songs a bit myself- they work on autopilot but if I get distracted I can't remember what the b*ggery I'm doing- I don't even play half these chords any more and my fingers just shrug their shoulders and look the other way when I ask them to be sensible.
Roll on Friday! 'S gonna be fun!
Shall I bring some vinyl albums down?


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