Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Helen and the Horns

Well, we had a rehearsal on Monday and it all seemed to go well... we were at Terminal Studios in South London where I was tempted to buy fluorescent gaffa tape- yellow, pink or orange- but decided to defer the pleasure until another time.
We were in a massive rock-star type room with mirrors so we could see just how old, knackered and silly we looked but that didn't matter 'cos the music flowed (apart from the occasional forgotten lyric and missed cue).
It was nice to be in a bunch again, just like four lost bananas, and we have a decent sized set, although Tony Trumpet and Paul Sax are coming round mine next Monday to polish things up a bit.
I really feel like a proper musician again, although the dastardly security guards at the University of the East (enemy? Academics!) managed to hold me up for half an hour over parking issues and I missed my Logic Audio training which makes me seem really rude even though it was their fault, not mine. My favourite fantasy is to stick these types in front of 35 students for three hours and see how much they like it. No, make that fifty, give them a real taste of the job. Then perhaps they could mark 50 2000-word essays when they get home. That goes for the woman who reported me sick and told me I had swine flu and had to report it (I didn't, I had something else) and who was so busy doing that she prevented me from filling out the forms so I could make a demo DVD of the song writing projects I've done to show to funders so I can do more.
Bitter, moi?


Blogger Sarah said...

Bitter with good reason! I am glad the mystery of where you were is cleared up. Thanks for your good luck wishes-it is the same as ever but we are trying to come up with excitingly different things to do with the children this year!

9:09 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Looking forward to the H&TH gig more than I can say!

10:05 AM  

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