Friday, September 11, 2009

Goodbye Banjo

The banjo went off to it's new daddy today. I've waved goodbye to half of my musical instruments and it's almost become a routine now. the new house is not big enough for wardrobes, so that's going too (currently priced 99p!). There is s steady flow of The Past out of the house and on to eBay or into the local charity shops.
It will be a pity not to have a garden. The 50 pence raspberry plants I bought from Woolworths (also R.I.P) ten years ago that have become excellent croppers will have to stay, as will the silver birch Offsprog 1 grew from the seed of an old birch in a former garden. And the mulberry bush, which I won't be going round any more.
It's not so hard to chuck out every single schoolbook that the Offsprogs have ever had (I'm keeping some, but not maths with the squared paper and the red biro ticks and crosses).
The paperwork from all the old music projects, which I still refer to, is going into storage along with two or three bits of furniture.
But the books.. now that's a hard one.


Blogger Sarah said...

Books are so heavy but so lovely. Tricky decisions! I would love to have the dollshouse thanks!

5:46 PM  

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